Monday, June 09, 2003

Well, Its been awhile again hasnt it. We just got a good modem hooked up at the Nodes house today so hopefully I can post a bit more in here (although I wonder if anyone ever reads this).

So, the new CD is about to be released and we are set to leave for tour in a few weeks. I am really excited about the album and the tour and hope to see many of you along the way.

We have two new members in the band now...Nick Murphy is replacing Jon Schuld on bass and Jake Stefek is replacing Nick Thomas on guitar. No worries though, the new line up is very intense and should make for a very exciting and interesting new live show.

Ryan, our drummer, just tied the not this past weekend! Congrats to him and his wife Jenn! If you wish to congratgulate them too send your wishes to with the subject Congrats Ryan and Jenn!

Finnaly, a bit of what Ive been jamming lately.

Cash, Cash, and more Cash
Willie Nelson-Essential Collection
Embrace Today-Soldiers
Radiohead-Hail to the Thief

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 22, 2003


sorry its been so long. Our new CD is done and we cant be more excited! We are in love with this album and hope you all enjoy it half as much as we do. It will be out July 1st so check it out!

The tour was great and we had a lot of fun! Thanks everyone for coming out and helping to make the tour great.

Not a whole lot new here...just getting into the mix of being home again. Ive been reading a lot lately...finishing the book "Positively 4th Street". Its about Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and the folk boom of the early 60's. As soon as Im done with that I will start reading "Cash" by Johnny Cash which I am very excited about. Ive also been just watching the Minnesota Twins (my favorite baseball team) and listening to my vinyl collection alot lately.

Current Playlist for me-

Bury Your Dead-?
Terror-Lowest of the Low
Aesop Rock-Labor Days
Johnny Cash-the Man Comes Around
Willie Nelson-2 disc Collection set
Further Seems Forever-How to Start a Fire
Bob Dylan-Nashville Skyline, Blood on the Tracks, the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Hank Williams-Greatest Hits
Copeland-beneath medicene tree
Rolling Stones-Goat Head Soup, Between the Buttons, Sticky Fingers
Beatles-White Album
Wilco-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Being There (there new DVD-I am trying to break your heart is GREAT...check it out even if you arent a fan of the band)
Throwdown-you dont have to be blood to be family
Wings of Scarlet-3 way split on Lfe sentence
and plenty of other stuff I cant remember right now!


Saturday, February 15, 2003

hey people,

just saying that we have heard an extremely rough mix of our new CD, its not near done yet, but we are liking how its sounding. I am just writing to say that all is well and I hope all is well with everyone one else.

Hope to see you all on tour,

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Oh yeah,

current playlist for me

Terror-lowest of the low
Metallica-kill em all, Master of Puppets
Throwdown-you dont have to be blood to be family (thanks Jason)
Illogic-Got Lyrics?
Eydea & Abilities
Norma Jean-bless the Martyr, kiss the chile
Black Sabbath-Paranoid
Hopesfall-the satalite years
the Used-cant remember what that album is called???

I recently purchased the Metallica DVD "Cliff em All"! Our drummer Ryan is a Metallica fanatic and has been his whole life...its starting to rub off on us!!! I recomend this DVD.

I also recomend watching the David Lynch movie "blue velvet" if you havent seen it. Its truly disturbing and I love it! Great Flick! Also, check out the new XDOANEX DVD featuring videos from Norma Jean and Underoath! Its good stuff!

Hey everyone,

GOSH! I have been so busy booking tour and recording that it has been near impossible to journal from time to time. Plus I forgot my username and password...but all is well now!

Anyway, the album art looks should all soon be able to see the cover at (probably in their coming soon section)

Also, the album is sounding AMAZING! I am really impressed with what the guys are laying down and our producer Mike Dresch has been doing a splended job. We should finish it up in a week or so! I am stoked to hear the final mix!

Not much else new. I hope you are all well and stuff!


Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Hey everyone,

sorry its been so long. I am at my Moms house again here on this Christmas eve night! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Just wanted to mention that we are almost done writing the new record and cant wait to record it so all of you can get your hands on it.

Also, Derek Hess will be doing the artwork for our new album's cover! We cant tell you how stoked we are about this!!! Check out all of Derek's amazing stuff at

Not much else new! Hope you are all doing well!

God Bless,

Thursday, December 12, 2002

hey all,

I am at my Mother's house in Humboldt, SD. This town is sooooooooooo small. She moved here recently after she married my new stepdad, Jerry.

I am doing laundry here and just hanging out. But, I am writing to encourage you guys to get out of the city and into the open from time to time. It is sooo beutiful out here. Just the view from my Moms living room window is breathtaking alone. Its just a relaxing thing to be away from so much going on all the time. I love it out here. The great part is, I am only 30 minutes from my house in the city of Sioux Falls. I understand that where some of you live it isnt that easy to get away from all the metropolis and subarban areas, but I encourage you to just drive and find a place you love some weekend with some friends or something. I know I am beginging to sound like a hippie, but, seriously give it a shot.

Hope you are all doing well, we love you,

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Hey everyone,

just wanted to let you all know that we finished a new song tonight so we have 6 down and around 4 to go till we have a full length album ready! It sounds really good and has some real nice dance/mosh parts for all of you to did on!

I was reading an old issue of HIT LIST tonight due to a sizeable article on American Nightmare, or whatever they are called now (I have been listening to them a lot lately) and it was really interesting what they had to say about a lot of things. I really like Wes from the bands lyrics and encourage you all to check them out.

For lack of anything else to tell you, here are some records I have been listening to lately.

Throwdown-Equal Vision EP
Figure Four-when its all said and done
Converge-Jane Doe
Various Artists-Point Break
Various Artists-Fighting Music 2
Beck-Sea Change
Sinai Beach stuff of the Strength to Prevail sampler
Norma Jean-bless the martyr...kiss the child
American Nightmare-background music
New Further Seems Forever mp3s...soooooo GOOD!
Converge-Jane Doe
Eighteen Visions-all there stuff
and Justin Timberlakes new stuff...dont deny it, that "Like I love you" song is the bomb!
Oldschool Metallica
Twothirtyeight-all their stuff (the most underated Christian band there is)
and much more!!!

Well, hope to let you know how things are going again soon!